Artist/Illustrator: Miaer Lloyd

 My latest project focuses on the ground breaking masterpiece that is Star Wars. As a child I was mesmerized by the imagery that was shown in the early films. Stormtroopers, AT- AT's and light sabers filled my childhood dreams. George Lucas had created such an array of stylish creatures and vehicles that I just had to have.

Many of my early Star Wars toys have seen better days but their impact has been a constant influence in my designs. With A background in Turntablism I try and mix the fantasy of Star Wars with the history of early Hip Hop culture. B-boying, graffiti and turntablism all feature in my Star Wars inspired Urban art.

As a huge fan of film directors, Quentin Tarantino and Sergio Leone I also try and blend the style and content of their films into the Star Wars iconography. Mixing Kill Bill with Scout Walkers or using Stormtroopers and Sandtroopers in spaghetti western type scenarios. I have huge admiration for the mentioned artists and hope my work can do their incredible creations justice.

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