Writer/Director: Miaer Lloyd

After finishing an illustration degree I moved to London where my focus was on art and DJing. Private exhibitions, club promotion and evem working with Jamiroquai. A recent collaboration on a graphic novel pushed me in a different direction.

I was doing the art for a book but the writer couldn't commit full time to the project so I tried my hand at writing, and my first short film; " TALK S**T ON A SUNDAY" is the aftermath of my ambition.

I was a complete novice to film making with no idea where to start but I have a passion so I got stuck in. Numerous books, YouTube videos and websites later, I had a basic knowledge of what I had to do. Picked up a Sony PD150 from a mate and got busy.

 Crew: What crew?

As I had no knowledge of the film industry I had no knowledge of anyone in the film industry, so I just did it myself. A cam, 2 redheads, a tripod and a strong back! Which is now a weak back! The screenplay for TALK S**T ON A SUNDAY was actually written with no training in screen writing. And guess what. First draft was no good. So I started lessons and got the basic structure down. A few months of storyboards and casting friends for the parts and I'm ready to go.

The locations were all places that I had access to. A car park via my place of work; a Japanese bar/restaurant through my DJing contacts and the Hookah Lounge through my drinking contacts! I wrote in things I could get. A Porsche. A motorbike. Well three motorbike's in total. Two of which were stolen! Try replacing a bike once a month. Not fun!

The film has taken just under two years to complete. It was written as a feature originally but reduced to a short film. Sounds like a long time for a short, but as actors lived in different parts of the country we had to shoot as and when, with months in between shots. No pay, no say!

I cut the film as I shot it, applying rules that I'd learned from the screen writing class I attend. It's not been easy but definitely the most creating part of the process for me. As the camera mic wasn't really up to scratch I took the wise decision to replace all the audio!I mean all the audio. Foley, actors and sound effects. All recorded in my cosy bedroom.

The soundtrack is made up from contributions from friends and the original score was written by me. Music software being similar to editing software it was an easier transition for me. All the footage done! All the edits done! ADR done! Graded? Well coloured in on an old T.V. done! Sound mixing done! Trailer done! Finished. Not bad for a spend of just over 250!

I'm currently in the process of writing a feature and hope to take it into production at the end of this year.